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In a nutshell, a short sale is when you are requesting that your Mortgagor accepts a monetary loss on the sale of your property. In this instance, you have no equity remaining in the property after selling for fair market value and closing costs.

Short sales are a complex variation of selling your home. Any Licensed Real Estate Agent can take a short sale listing but the vast majority do not have the knowledge or wherewithal to negotiate the settlement with the bank, servicer, or investor. Our firm is dedicated to short sales and listings with negative equity. Our short sale approval rate is currently over 99%.

When you list your underwater property with Axe Residential, Inc., you are working with true short sale experts. We fight for incentive funds for our Clients and always negotiate the release of liability for the deficiency.

Read our FAQ below and call us at 516-960-6456 for more information on short sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

When you short sale your home, there are absolutely no fees to you. Your bank/ servicer pays all fees associated with your short sale.

Will I get any money from the sale?

While it is illegal for any Broker or Buyer to pay Sellers outside of what is disclosed on the HUD, we have been very successful in getting or home owners thousands of dollars in relocation and incentive funds directly from your bank which is completely legal.

When do I have to move from the property?

In most sales, short sale or regular, you will have to relocate from the property before the closing. unless otherwise negotiated with the Buyer of the property. This does happen in some instances however monetary assistance is usually held in escrow.

Please consult with your Attorney for further clarification.

How long will the sale take?

A short sale can take from 45 days to up to one year. There are various, unique factors in each deal. Our average short sale closes in 4 months.

Do I need to hire a Lawyer?

In New York State, an Attorney is required to close on your sale. If you can not afford to hire an Attorney at this time, we will provide you with access to our in house counsel. Attorney fees are usually paid by the Bank.

How Do I Start?

To get started, simply reach out to us! You can fill out the form below but, it’s always best to have a conversation about your present situation.

Give us a call at 516-960-6456, send us a message below, or live chat with us.

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